How to deliver samples?

Samples must be:

  1. max A4 size
  2. min 5x5cm size
  3. max 30mm thick
  4. FLAT!
  5. surface bump: max 3mm

Presently samples can be anything from carpaints, laquers, metals, leathers, fabric, short carpet, paint, plastic,..

These materials can be perforated, all geometry will be measured. Including transparent parts.

Full transparent materials will be enabled early 2019. Liquids will follow.

The .axf format

The Challenge

Capturing material appearance data in a single, editable, portable file format is an obstacle in the virtualization of products, especially when different formats are used in parallel. This poses an issue when consistency in appearance must be achieved. AxF is the first format designed for system-independent of communication digital appearance.

The Solution

AxF delivers a standardized format for communicating material appearance data. It is used with a variety of CAD, PLM, 3D rendering solutions. AxF is used in product design, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. It is an industry first, and is helping brands reduce cycle time, control cost and ensure consistency in color and appearance.

Total appearance is much more than just color. It is the visual sensation through which an object is perceived and encompasses not only color but size, texture, gloss, transparency and opacity. has taken an ambitious step beyond color to tackle the more significant challenge of capturing and managing appearance characteristics to help you achieve a higher level of accuracy in virtual material visualization.

Traditionally, the capture and virtual rendering of material appearance has been a challenging and time-consuming manual process. Find out how our Total Appearance Capture (TAC) Ecosystem reduces the early stage need for physical comparison and time-consuming, more subjective manual material scans, and can redefine required skill sets from analog to digital, as well as extend the possibilities of design. TAC enables appearance data to be quickly, and iteratively re-imagined across objects and lighting contexts to allow cooperative exploration and decision making while providing the tools needed to elevate creative thinking.

.AxF materialfiles are compatible with these renderers: